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Is a Real People casting software platform.

We currently have three main areas of focus.

  • Audition Apps
  • Content Creators & Influencers
  • Production Jobs

Our goal is to create a Mobile friendly platform for casting real people.

Full Featured Apps for Reality TV, Commercials, PodCasts and more.

  • Custom Audition Apps
  • Coppa Compliant (age gate)
  • Custom Outreach Links and Tracking Reports
  • Newsletter System with Reporting
  • Pitch System with Reporting

Job board where content creators, influencers, comedians, experts and hosts can be found, and submit themselves to be hired by major brands, networks, streamers and other content creators.

Production job board that allows industry professionals to connect and hire production crew for all of their needs.

Who are we? Can we be trusted?

I am Tim Safford the founder and creator of I have over 25 years of experience in casting. I have created systems and worked with all the major networks and brands creating and implementing the standards we have today. I created because I believe there is a need for a site that specializes in Real People. There are sites for actors and models, but a limited number of opportunities for Casting Pros to list projects that need Real People talent. So with my experience and innovation was born. One important thing to remember, I want to build trust within the community. The service is FREE. It will be ad supported, and currently I will cover the cost of the servers. Once we build the community large enough I am confident the costs will be covered and the community will have a valuable tool to help promote their projects.

I have always found my purpose in promoting the voices of people who may not otherwise be heard. We have a deep dedication to equal representation, is committed to creating a safe and respected community, for talented real people, all over the world.

What Makes Different:
we take a new approach to casting that is more social media campaign focused. We actively support our casting directors to help produce the leads they need to cast their projects.

With custom apps, tracking, newsletters and pitches, the casting professional has everything they need to manage any project.

If you are talent, this is where you will find and be seen by casting pros.

We would love to hear your feedback. Email us here. to get the conversation started.