The Biggest Reality Dating Show

The Biggest Reality Dating Show


I am looking for all people with all different backgrounds - gender, sexual orientation (Ages: 21 - 28) in the Southern California and surrounding areas

Gain followers for your game. We want a unique cast of big personalities to set the tone for our early adopter creators.

You should have great banter, a knack for flirting, and a lust for life. This chosen pool of singles will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be the first to build their followings on this platform in exchange for making gawk-worthy, creative content.

The platform is a cross between your favorite dating show and a social network. While you date, others will eavesdrop as sparks fly or pick-up lines fail.

If you’re looking for “love” and can win people over with your words… this is your chance to join the next biggest reality tv show!

Come as you are! All backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged.

• Download the app to get started with your application-

iPhone / iOS users:

Android users - Google Play Store Link:

Once you apply, please email me the link to your casting account so I can boost your profile.

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