Restaurants in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants in Los Angeles Area

Are you a restaurant owner or manager navigating the challenges of operating during a busy time of year? Are you facing issues/challenges and could use some help and guidance?

Major production company is producing a groundbreaking documentary television project and looking to work with restaurants who are struggling and facing challenges in a post covid environment. Whether you're facing challenges regarding staffing, consumer preferences, or rising costs of doing business we want to help and work with you!

Casting directors are seeking restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area (within one hour drive of central Los Angeles.) This is a PAID opportunity that will shoot for several days at the end of July 2024.

Please email us at with the following:

  • Your name and contact information

  • Restaurant name and location (website and social if applicable)

  • A brief description of your restaurant

  • Any relevant photos or videos of your establishment

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