Get Ready for Adventure: Three Exciting Shows Now Casting on

Get Ready for Adventure: Three Exciting Shows Now Casting on


If adventure runs in your blood and you're ready to step out of the ordinary, we have something for everyone at Three exceptional shows are now casting, each offering a unique twist on survival and adventure. 

First on our radar is "Relatively Wild", a family adventure show with an exciting format. This show centers around three family members, with one competing against twelve other contestants in adrenaline-pumping challenges. The other two family members will play a crucial role too, providing emotional support, cheers, and reactions from nearby. This show is the perfect platform for families who thrive on adrenaline, creativity, and teamwork. If you're a family that sticks together through thick and thin, "Relatively Wild" is your chance to shine.

Next up is "The Chain," a survival show that pushes limits and demands courage. This hardcore survival adventure is a test of your survival skills, endurance, stamina, self-reliance, and fearlessness. For two months, you'll be navigating extreme wilderness and weather conditions. The twist? Teams will comprise two individuals with an existing relationship. The person you trust the most could be your key to victory, so choose wisely. 

Finally, there's "Survivalists of All Shapes and Sizes," a show that breaks stereotypes and celebrates diversity. The premise is simple but impactful: proving that survival skills aren't limited to a certain body type or lifestyle. Regardless of your size or background, if you have an unconventional survival story to tell, "Survivalists of All Shapes and Sizes" is your stage.

So, if you're ready to embark on an extraordinary journey and take on new challenges, visit for more information and apply to join the casts of "Relatively Wild", "The Chain", or "Survivalists of All Shapes and Sizes". Don't wait! Embrace the call of the wild and seize the adventure that awaits.


check out the latest casting notices for more info and how to apply.

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